Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Skylar and his Car Surprise...

When we came home today, we got a surprise at the front door. Skylar got a package from his Grandma and Pappaw. They know how much he loves the movie cars, so they got him some goodies. He was so excited!! Skylar is always a messy eater too, so forgive him in his pictures for being, "A Boy". :)

He was slowly tearing into this, but he was determined!
He got his very own Lightning McQueen, Ka-Chow!
He loved all his goodies in the box, but loved this one the most!! Thank you Grandma and Pappaw!!!

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Layla 'n' Reggie said...

omg! We have that same car...made it through 2 kids and they both love it! They always crack up when he says "kachow, kapow" lol!