Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our visit to the zoo with our dearest friends..

We went to the zoo today and boy was it HOTT!! We met up with our friends Katie, Matt and Emma. Emma is their adorable 3 year old and the sweetest little girl who will soon be a big sister in October. Congratulations Katie! I don't have pictures of us as a group, because Katie made me swear that I would not post 1 picture of her. haha ...I can't make fun of her though, because I was the same way when I preggo... I always hid from the camera! :) It was always neck up photos that I would consider, haha! Any hoo we had a great time! We miss them. We only see each other like 3 or 4 times a year and they are seriously, only 2.5 hours away. We plan to make more trips this Summer to visit them, since the gas is back down! :) Thank goodness for that!

Good Morning Sunshine!!

Matt and Terry were being the doting dads they are and pushed our little ones!

That shirt is so true!

We love the carousel!

Skylar was actually scared this time compared to last year's trip.

Look at the difference of a year and what's so funny is that he's wearing almost the same thing and he's on the same Wolf!! That was so not planned too, ahah!

Family Zoo pic 2009

Family Zoo pic 2008 This sums up our day! I love this picture, because we really had a great time!
5 minutes into our ride home! He was pooped from all the fun!

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Anna Morrison said...

Makes me want to go. That last pic is totally how my kids look after visiting that zoo. I love that.