Monday, April 6, 2009

Keep the prayers going..

My best friend Kelly's mom really needs your prayers, as well as Kelly herself does. Her mom Rita, was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer this past December. This was a shock, but now they have come to grips over the diagnosis and are trying to move forward with chemo treatment and other drugs, which can shrink the tumor (which has been sucessful to an extent recently, but that just means shrinking it from spreading, but not getting rid of the cancer all together-which I thought it was doing and not knowing any better). They are basically trying to keep her spirits high and have her as comfortable as possible. She's in a lot of pain, to where she's swollen and has succumbed to jaundice.

Kelly got to see her this past weekend and is actually still there today to visit with her and celebrate Kelly's 30th birthday and have their Easter early. Kelly doesn't like to tell this story to people as it's very upsetting to her (understandable), so you may think everything is going well for her when you see her, but I want to get as many people as possible to pray for her and her mom. She doesn't ask for much, so please keep them in your prayers. Everything counts at this point, so please pray for the Murtaugh Family.


Anonymous said...

That is so heartbreaking. We will of course be praying for them. I just can't imagine. Hope you guys are well :) - The Parris Family

Swiders said...

Thanks for sharing Pamela - we'll keep Kelly, her mom and entire family in our prayers.