Sunday, December 20, 2009

I so thought, I had this in the bag…

I have seen a lot of blog friends and FB friends post pictures of their ginger bread houses and so I thought, I can do this too!  Right?  Ok…maybe not.  During one of our breaks from playing in the snow, we decided to make this sweet looking house that was pictured on the box.  I wished I could say that Skylar and Ralph did this all on their own…but mommy and daddy decided to help as well….so let’s just say it did not turn out the best.  That’s an understatement. 

We were um…more excited to go outside, so we rushed through this.  :)  That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.  


The Materials (Feeling very confident here). 

 gb house 1


That icing is a lot thicker than I thought it would be.  (confidence is slowly going down at this point).  Skylar was doing a great job though by eating a piece of candy and then placing a piece of candy on the house.  (His thoughts were like this, “One for me, one for you…”)

 gb house 2

gb house 3 



LOL… soon after I took this picture, the roof fell apart.  The front tree had it too. 

 gb house final


Anonymous said...

At least you tried :) How cute! Merry Christmas, hope you guys enjoy!!!- Ali Parris

Erin said...

That is too funny! yet too cute! Hey thats what memories are for right? Love it!

Layla 'n' Reggie said...

so funny! we tried to do the gingerbread train...yeah, not our best :)

Gina said...

Awwwwww, it's the best Charlie Brown gingerbread house ever, Pam-Pam. I love it bc Sky-bug made it, so to me it's the most beautifulest GH ever!:D

I loved your write up btw. I chuckled the entire time. Hugs and Love to all of you!!!

May ya'll have a Merry Little Christmas!

Mandy said... I have a confession to make...I bought the gingerbread house that was already put together. All we had to do was decorate it :) I got it at Wally World (imagine that) and it was ready to decorate straight out of the box!

You guys did a great job. Good job on the icing work...our icing was sooo thick we could hardly get it to come out of the bag! Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!!! It's going to be fun this year!!!