Saturday, December 19, 2009

Loving the snow!!


black and white skylar

I am so excited that I can finally enjoy the snow with my family.  The last few times (which are really not very often) it would snow, but guess who had to to go to work and not enjoy it…yep…me.  :(  So, with this snow happening on a weekend, well…that was just perfect!!  Skylar loves the snow too!! truck

Skylar used his dump truck to help move the snow.

 truck 2

Then he rode out on it like a trooper.


Snow on our fire pit.


Let’s go sliding!

 fun with dad 2 fun with dad 3 

Dad would push him down in the snow….  Obviously, Skylar did not think this was funny….or did he? 

 snow 3 

snow 5  snow 6    

 snow 8  snow 7

I took a billion pictures of him laughing and smiling, because you know how he is.  I better snap away while I can.  :)

snowball fight 1snowball fight 2

See the snowball mom….. I bet you do!


Somebody showed Skylar what snowball fights are…..It’s only fun when no one gets hit.  :)


Our unfinished frosty the snowman.  We still need 2 eyes made out of coal…oh and a mouth.

skylar and dad 

Family picture!!  Hopefully, when we go out again today, I will be in some pictures.  :)

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Jennifer said...

Your pics came out great!! He has a beautiful smile! looks like yall had a great time.