Sunday, December 13, 2009

Less than two weeks..

It will soon be Christmas.  What??… and yet I am so far behind and have way too much to do.  We haven’t even seen Santa yet!!  I’m still in the process of making my Christmas cards, but maybe they will be New Years cards.  :)  So, there is still time then, right?  Let’s just go with that, so the stress levels go down. 

Skylar and mommy bw

skylar xmas color

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Gina said...

tee hee... his antlers are as tall as he is! SOOOO CUTE!!! Did this make the cover of the Presnell's Christmas Card? Can't wait! I'm not sending any this year. American Greetings had a glitch on my order so by the time they send them to me, and I send them out it will be mid January before anyone gets them. Grrrrr! The holidays have pitched me a curve ball between this and not coming home. Will be home in 6 wks though for Granmother's 90th birthday... so that's a consolation! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's. LOVE ya'll!!!