Saturday, February 6, 2010

Babies babies babies…

Oh, I wished I was talking about myself, lol!  I have hit baby fever high with so many of my friends pregnant and then work friends on top of that who are pregnant and just recently I co-hosted a shower for my friend Katie in W-S, and well..I’m surprised Terry cares to be around me as much as I talk about it. :)

Katie is expecting a baby boy next month.  I hope he waits to come too, but he might have other plans.  Katie's on bed rest, but she came to the shower  and was having contractions every 8 minutes.  That’s dedication right there!  :)  It even snowed a little that morning too.  Anyhoo, here are a few pictures from the shower. 


Of course I was right there to take a picture of her as she arrived. :)  I’m sneaky like that!

Katie's invitations for blog

I actually made these invites and they turned out really cute.  :)  Tooting my own horn...I know….tacky. :) 

cake with katie DSC_5198

Katie posing with her cake and then after all the presents were opened, she was pooped!  She made a belt out of all the ribbons.  Very fashionable. : )

cupcake box

One of the co-hosters (is that even correct, lol) made these adorable cupcake booties and I had to take a picture, because I am taking notes and will try and do this for the next shower I host or attend. :)  So cute!


group shot

The picture below is of my W-S gang, minus Layla.  With the crazy weather, they decided to leave earlier than expected to go on their Disney trip, just incase it started to snow again.  Hasn’t it been a crazy month for snow?  Yikes! 

kaite's shower

(Me, Katie, Angela, Tracy and Jamie)

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The Lau Fam said...

It looks like it turned out great!! I hate I missed it :(

btw, those cupcake booties...soooo cute! You have to tell me how they were made!!