Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthdays Galore!!

This weekend had been very busy with birthdays.  We celebrated my mom’s 63rd birthday, my brother John’s 37th birthday, my sister Veronica’s 43rd birthday and my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday. 

Saturday night after the baby shower, I met up with my family at the Olive Garden.  I love the Olive Garden and I never get to go, because the wait is always an hour to 2 hours long.  All the time.  So, when my sister called and told me that we were eating there, I was pretty excited.  The wait was only 15 minutes, but we were there at 4:30, lol.  Right at 5:30, the wait turned to 1 hour.  So, it was nice to get there early. 

I didn’t take, but a few pictures, because well…I was eating my favorite meal, which is Chicken Marsala.  YUM!!

OG Family

Trying to be sneaky again, but most knew my ways, lol!


I wished I had a better picture of Yasmine, but she went to the spa with Gina and got her hair done, Her makeup done, she had a mani/pedi and she got some new shoes.  She looked so cute!  She’s growing up so fast, tear…


We love some cookie cakes!

olive garden

Only missing Veronica and dad in this picture. We are always missing people, dang it!  :)


On Sunday, we celebrated my Grandmother’s 90th birthday.  She’s so cute and sweet.  She said her birthday was the best day she’s ever had. :)

My grandmother definitely took precedence over everyone’s birthday, lol!  That’s a huge milestone and my sister Gina traveled from Egpyt to plan it all.  My part was to make the invites and mail them out.  Wooo… done and check.  :)  I am not the party planner my sister is, so that worked out for me. :)  I stress too much, or so Terry tells me.  Gina got H1N1 over Christmas, so she couldn’t come home, so we were super happy to see her come home.  She hasn’t seen Piper yet, so that was another big thing we had going on.  I mean, can you say busy month? 

Grandmother's invite blog

Terry was in charge of the slide show, while my sister gave her speech, so therefore…I was in charge of “never can sit still for a minute” Skylar, so I didn’t take but a couple of pictures.  Waaah. 

DSC_5218 grandmother2

I was able to have Skylar wear his hat, the ENTIRE time we were there.  How you ask?  Gummy worms!  Works 50% of the time, all the time.  :)  (Anchorman) LOL

 gina speech speech

Speech time, at this point Skylar was restless, so we left and walked the hallways.  I wished I saw all the speeches, ha!


My Dad, my Aunt Ann and my Grandmother getting ready to cut into the cake.


Again, the Skyster can’t sit still for a minute. 


Swiders said...

Looks like a great celebration for your Grandmother!! And, I must add that I am totally digging seeing Sky with his basketball bear in two of your recent post :)

Swiders said...

Ugg, I meant "posts"..why doesn't blogger have recall???

The Presnell's said...

You're funny! He loves his basketball bear so much. Sometimes, he even takes it to daycare. :)

Gina said...

Pamela, your invitation skillz are outstanding. Thanks so much for creating them and sending them out for me... and for Terry being my IT guy for my PowerPoint slides... and being my a HUGE supporter every time I plan a family outing. I can never do these get togethers without your help. Skylar looked so adorable that day! I loved his little cap! SO CUTE!