Saturday, July 31, 2010

Babysitting Miss Lo

We had so much fun babysitting Logan earlier this month.  Ok, this post is a little late, lol.  Jamie and Kevin were going to be out of town, so they needed some help and we were happy to babysit!!  She loved all of Skylar’s toys.  Skylar really loves her too. He treats her as his little sister.  We had so much fun!  It was July 4th weekend and downtown Greensboro was having a 4th festival.  They closed down the streets and had local bands play, while there was vendors everywhere, selling all kinds of things.  Logan though, fell asleep and missed most of it, but she did liven up once we got home. 


Hanging out on our bed.

skylar and logan (1 of 1) 

Skylar and Lo were watching this young band of 11-14 year olds playing at the festival.  The band was awesome! They were playing songs like Baracuda.  I mean, they were fantastic!

band (1 of 1)

The little girl was awesome singing.  They should have tried out for America’s got talent!

logan (1 of 1)sleeping logan (1 of 1)

After that, we lost Logan!  I guess the music put her right to sleep.  She was out for 2 hours.  haha! 

laughing logan (1 of 1)

Then she finally woke up, but missed out on the ice cream we had.

awake logan (1 of 1)holding hands (1 of 1)

But she made it in time for the funnel cake.  Which happened to be the first time she ever had that, oops…sorry Jamie!  She loved it. 

cb logan (2 of 2)

Once we got back and finished dinner, she played with all the toys. 

wagon (1 of 1)

Skylar was sweet and would push her in the wagon, but then…..he would let go to see how far she would go, lol….um.

blue car (1 of 2)    logan tractor (1 of 1)   

We had a fun day!

Skylar and Logan -1

We game them a bath right before this picture was taken.  They were too cute!


Swiders said...

Aweeee, they are so stinking cute together!! Thank you so much for keeping Lo for us!

Gina said...

Love the pix of Skybug and Lo-Doll! They're so precious, and they looked like they had a great time together. A wedding in 25 years maybe? Wouldn't that be sweet?!? :)