Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Dash Baseball

On Friday night, we went to a 30th birthday bash at the WS Dash game and we won!  We stayed at the party deck and  had unlimited food and non alcoholic drinks for the night and we got dash hats.  We had a great time.  We brought Skylar and it was his first ever baseball game.  He did pretty well…I mean he couldn’t stay still, but there was a lot going on, so I don’t blame him one bit. 

  dash 3

Kim finally joined the club.  The wonderful world of 30’s!

 skylar bolt2 skylar bolt

Skylar wasn’t sure about “Bolt” at first, but then changed his mind and gave him five.  He called him red monster after that and would wave at him.   

   dash 2dash 4

Skylar wore his hat.  It was slightly big….

dash 1

We even saw the fireworks after the game that were totally worth it the drive to W-S!  Skylar had his fingers in his ears the whole time, but he wasn’t scared one bit. 

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Stellas Sweets Shop said...

Awh!!! Just getting around to reading your blog!! Thanks so much for coming to celebrate my birthday!! It wouldn't have been the same without you guys!!

Love the pictures!!