Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beach Bound with the Usual Suspects

Ok, this post is a good month late, but what can I say?  Lazy?  Sick?  Too tired to blog and upload pictures from a long day at work?  Let’s go with the first one. :)  Last month, we went to Oak Island with our good friends and their children for a few days of relaxation.  Skylar had a wonderful time!  We all did really!

Usual Suspects

I couldn’t capture this all on my camera, but thought it was cute.   (Usual Suspects 2010)

Skylar funny face

On our way to OIB, Skylar was entertaining me with his comedic skills as Terry drove.   

skylar beach 3 Skylar beach

Skylar feels right at home at the beach.  He loves the water.  I swear the kid has no fear. 

logan bw logan bw 2

Logan loved the beach and the sand too.  These pictures are before she rolled all in the sand, lol. She even had a few “sand”wiches too…..haha…see I have comedic skills too!

sweet Terry  

My hubby all relaxed. 


Since Skylar was waking up at the crack of dawn at the beach….by the way, he never wakes up before 9 at home, but at the beach… 6AM….I was like…. **$^$%$^!!  We decided to go to the dock and watch the sunrise.  :)

  skylar and the crabcrab

Skylar loved our persistent new friend that followed us all around the dock.  I guess he was hoping we would jump in the water to be “his” snack.  It was funny…but I was not about to go in the water. There were crabs everywhere.   bay 2bay

It was nice, we had this as our backyard view.  It was great!!

relaxing with dad

There was also a hammock that Skylar and Terry would relax on.  Ahhh, the beach life!

rockband 2

rock band at night

Now, don’t get me wrong…we partied it up at night when the kids were asleep.  Check out our band!  I can’t remember the name of the band now, but Kevin made it known that he was the face of the band, lol!  He rocked it on the mic!!

 camsweet ty

Camryn is so pretty, don’t you think?  She finally warmed up to me the last day we were there. She even let me pick her up….which by the way…Skylar is the skinniest kid!!  Ty, Cam’s brother, let me tell you is the sweetest thing!  He flirted a little my way or a lot….  what can I say, I still got it.  lol…  Actually, he’s going to be a charmer when he gets older.  Skylar and Ty shared the same room at the house we stayed at.  We had brought the video monitor to make sure Skylar was ok during his “first ever sleep over” with another person beside me or terry and he did great…..well, except when he thought the coast was clear.  The first night, he sat straight up in bed…looked at Ty and said, “Let’s get up…let’s eat ice cream!!”.  Yep….caught!

 logan and Skylar logan and Skylar 2   

     Skylar and Logan got along pretty well too.  He would treat her as a little sister.  They were reading…or something and having a conversation that I have no idea what was so funny.  dock with the famsIt was a fun trip and I miss it already!! 


Crystal Johnson said...

What a great trip! I am so itching for a family beach trip. We just can't decide where we want to go. Did you like where you stayed?

Skylar is such a cutie and he looks like he has the best personality!

Now, your vacation pictures look like you weren't there :) Hopefully someone captured you in a few :)

Swiders said...

Love all the pictures, and can't wait to do it again. I'll have to get some of these pics from you so I can put them in a frame :) So talented!

The Presnell's said...

We had a great time at that beach. It was deserted really and Skylar could run free without me having a hawks eye on him the entire time. I highly recommend it there.

Oh yeah...I kind of like it that I'm not in the pictures! :)

@Jamie- I will totally put my pictures on a CD for you.

Gina said...

Pam Pam,

What fun pics! Looks like the Usual Suspects had a blast. Loved all the pics and loved the write-up. Glad you finally found the time to load up your pics!

Love you.