Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our family outing and search for clues..

Today we participated in the Fink's Diamond Dash downtown Greensboro today.  Although it was SUPER cold, we had a fun family outing.  It was 300 teams of 2 (or 3 in our case, since we had Skylar in tow) and the object of the game was finding the clues that were texted to our phones and answering them correctly for points.  Everyone had the same clues, just not in the same order, so we weren't all following each other, lol.  We had to search all over Greensboro (downtown that is) by foot.  Meaning no cars, scooters, roller get the idea. 
Oh, the scavenger hunt prize was for a $15,000 Ritani diamond ring hidden somewhere in the downtown area by Fink's jewelers.  So, you can see why I REALLY wanted to play, haha.  Terry and Skylar was just there to be there.
We tried our best, but in the video below you will see how our 3rd teammate slowed us down a little... lol.
Oh and I might will be famous too, since I was interviewed by the local newspaper.  Not sure if they will print it or not.  :)   


Jamie said...

This is hillarious!! Sounds like it was a fun idea.

The Presnell's said...

It was hilarious at first. haha....That's what we heard constantly for about an hour. :) when we had to run, we piggy backed him or carried him like a baby and ran. haha... It was almost like Amazing Race. It was a lot of fun!!

Jennifer said...

haha!! love it. that is life...imagine if you had 2 :) heehee .. (can i say babysitter :)