Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are you a lefty or a righty? Or are you Ambidextrous?

Skylar has been practicing his letters recently and we’re so proud, because he will actually say, “I want to do my homework.”  Homework to him is him practicing his letter writing in his write and erase book we got at good ole wally world.  He can trace, write and practice his letter writing and he thinks it’s fun!! 

Anyhoo, he switches back and forth from left to right, but I think he’s left handed just like me.  When he writes with his right hand, the letters aren’t as neat, but when he writes with his left hand, they seem neater and precise.  Not that they are perfect, lol… but I can see the differences.  I used to be the same way when I was kid, but now I just write or eat with my left hand and I do everything else with my right hand.  (sports, cutting with the scissors, drinking from the cup…)   It’s fun to watch him and see what he will end up being.

What are you and are your kids a lefty or a righty? 

writing our letters (1 of 3)

It cracks me up how he holds his marker.  I try to show him a more comfortable way, but he doesn't want to listen to me.   

writing our letters (2 of 3)

His sweet “B”, all by himself. 

writing our letters (3 of 3)

I’m so proud!


Mandy said...

We have that book too from good ol' Wally World! They make a number book also :) Ella begs to do homework too...I'm sure we won't be so lucky in a couple years! Haha!!

The Presnell's said...

Oh I know, ahha! He made me so proud, because we had a few friends over last weekend and he asked me to do his homework when they were there, aha! It made me look good. ;) I'm sure when he's in school though, he will fake injuries, sickness..or something, ahah....just so he can get out of doing his homework.

Gina said...

How sweet is this? I'm still envious that you are ambidextrous since I'm a righty all the way. How you can write with your left and swing a bat as a righty were insane growing up. I think Skylar will be the same way. So glad he enjoys learning. Hopefully that will con't for the rest of his life.

Miss and Love You's.