Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun in the sun and on the go...

We have been so busy last week as I'm sure everyone was as well. To start off, the meal plan worked almost perfectly last week. I followed my plan, but since we are in the market of a new patio set, we went shopping one night (window shopped that is, since we didn't buy anything), so we didn't make it home in time to prepare dinner, in other words....we ate out. :) That's ok, since it was only that one night and I tried a few new recipes for the other nights, so it still worked out. Skylar loved my pizza by the way. Of course, I made it kid friendly for a few pieces and then on to the yummy stuff for us. I do have to say that I make good pizza. :) I think calling in a pizza is no longer an option at our household. We're saving money and we won't have to wait an hour for them to deliver the pizza....oh, we get lazy so if we order a pizza, we have them deliver it, aha! Ok, I know my presentation isn't great, but hopefully that will change over time. :) The pizza we made had pepperoni, pineapples, red onions, red pepper, bannana peppers and of course cheese! I already started my new meal plan. I will post on that later. :)

I didn't take pictures of all my dishes, but I can say Terry was not starving last week,
not that he is ever was, since I do cook 95% of the time if we don't go out. :)

The Patio Update-

Terry has been so busy the past couple of weeks. We started the patio and then re-did it, because we just couldn't figure it out. We have a little of a slope in the back yard, so it was hard leveling it. Once we laid the brick down, we would have a mound in one area and the bricks wouldn't sit right. Things like that would happen, so we had to start over, ugh It's been so hot too and I would help out as much as I could, like when Skylar was napping or when there was some shade and he could come outside too with us. I am happy to say that Terry has finished it and I will post the final pics, once we add the landscaping around it to give it the full effect! Here is the progress so far.

While Terry was working on this, my mom and neice Yasmine came over to stay. She had so much playing with Skylar. She was a great babysitter. We had so much fun, watching TV, playing, cleaning (she likes to clean, YESSS) and just being girls, while poor Terry went outside and worked, ahah! Skylar enjoyed having Yasmine around. He was laughing so loud and smiling like crazy. When she would pick him up, he looked so big and heavy, that it was way too funny!

Skylar was acting like he was on a roller coaster, it was funny!!

I know...he looks like Chris Farley. ahah Look how big he looks compared to his cousin Yasmine!

Now on to Sunday. Happy Birthday to Ella!! We went to Ella's first birthday!! It was great, other than Skylar not having his nap and being mister grumpy pants the entire time. His afternoon naps are usually between 3 and 4, for about an hour and her party started at 3, so, needless to say..... he was not happy. We were laughing as we were leaving the party, because he started to laugh and talk and smile and well, was just happy and we were like, GOSH... couldn't he had done that there, aha! Oh well... :) Here is the pic before we left the house when he was in a good mood.

Ella had her birthday cake all over her face. She was so adorable!!

Check out the kiddie playland in Ella's back yard!! What a lucky girl!


So Skylar is now 11 months old! I can't believe it. It seems I just posted about his 10 month. He's really growing up before our very eyes. He's sleeping through the night FINALLY... we were not one of the lucky few that had that luxury, ahah! Now I can say we do. He sleeps from 8:30 to 6:30 on weekdays and until 8 on the weekends. Thanks Skylar for letting us sleep!

10 fun things about Skylar-

*He kisses us (but with open mouth, haha, he doesn't know how to purse his lips together)

*He pulls up every where and will walk around the furniture

*He hates babyfood, so we no longer give him any of it. (He's strictly formula and/or table food)

*His hair is so long, he has a baby mullet! We plan to cut it right before his birthday, so it might get longer and longer. We sing the Billy Ray Cyrus song...don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart....JUST KIDDING!

*He climbs the stairs....scary...we haven't put up the baby gates yet, so I guess we need to now.

*He's still not walking and I don't think he wants too, ahah! He's all about crawling, so we're in no hurry. He will let us know when he's ready.

*He loves having his teeth brushed by his daddy

*He really likes blonde hair girls. He flirts with them.

*He drops food, while in his highchair for Ralph and laughs so loud when Ralph hoovers it up.

*He's scared of being changed in public restrooms. He screams, shakes and cries. I don't know why he's so scared, poor little man. I guess they can be scary and smelly!


Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard when you said Skylar looked like Chris Farley... now he just needs a van down by the river :) The patio looks great! We are debating adding a sun room. It would mainly be for the girls and all that comes with them :) Have fun planning the birthday party!!!! I LOVED doing it! I can't wait to see pictures! And, by the way, Anna & Brooke kiss with their mouths open too! Daddy is hoping they will stop that before they get to highschool!- Ali Parris

Swiders said...

Kevin was going to leave a comment about "the van by the river" but didn't when he saw Ali had already done it - so, instead he thinks Sky should get a Chip&Dale costume!!