Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day and the brick patio

First off, Happy Father's Day! I hope everyone spoiled their "baby daddys" ahah! Terry and I aren't giving gifts this year, because our house was really our present. That's an expensive present that lasts a long time...until my birthday comes along that is...heehee. It's all about priorities, ya know. JK :) We had a relaxing, but fun weekend. Terry's mom and stepdad came down and babysat, well spoiled really their grandson, while we went to Katie and Rob's wedding. Before we went to their wedding, we started the brick patio. Well Terry and Olen did and I added some fresh compost to our garden. I'm really hopefull, can you tell? :) The brick patio by the way is HARD work. We thought we had it easy with all those free bricks to do whatever we want with, but nope, haha! I guess nothing in life is easy right? Anyways, it's coming along alright, it's so hot outside and I helped today. It looks like we won't be done with that, for atleast a week or two. I can't wait until it's done. :)

Our friend's wedding was so beautiful. I wished I brought my camera, I am so mad I have NO pictures to share! It was so great to see our friends though from Winston Salem again. We have a tight knit group of friends that we always did stuff with when we lived in W-S. Our group by the way is called "The Usual Suspects". I miss hanging out with them all the time. With the way gas has been here lately, it's hard to travel when we want. :( I hope there is a change with that soon. I'm fearful of what's to come for the economy. Let's hope the new President really can "change" the ways of the present government. I'm very excited about this upcoming election. History will be made with whichever candidate that wins. It's really cool!

Today we grilled out when Terry's dad came over for father's day. He brought us some steaks too, woo hoo! We already had some that we planned on grilling, but he had brought us a box of them, so we are good for grilling for a bit. Very excited about that! All in all, this weekend turned out to be a really nice and relaxing weekend. I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's day weekend with your own or with your "baby daddy", heehee. Until next time...

Don't you Love his hair? You can thank his dad for that! :)

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