Saturday, June 7, 2008

Not what we expected to come home too...

As we came home Friday from work, things were not like how we left them. Our house was broken into. It's so upsetting that you work hard for what you have and continue to work hard to achieve more for yourself and for your family and things like this happen. I will say that Ralph is safe. He was so scared too. Terry came home first and Ralph of course greeted him at the garage door, but he didn't seem like his normal self. He seemed really scared, which made Terry think that he had an "accident" in the bonus room like he has a few times before, but unfortunately that was not the case this time. Our french doors leading out to the deck was wide open and there was glass everywhere in the kitchen. Apparently, they kicked in the kitchen window and went through everything through out the house and took some things along the way. Thankfully for us, we're all safe and Ralph is too. They could have killed him or taken him. Ralph is our first baby and I don't want to think about the what ifs. It's just a scary situation for all. We think they were a bunch of kids, because they skipped over our jewelry (except for one diamond stud they did take of mine, I lost the other earring pair a while back) and they got a few of the electronics. We really don't care about those stolen possesions now that it's happened, I mean we are shooken up, but it's family that means the most to us. As long as we have each other, then that's all that matters, you know?

On a lighter note, they took my lap top computer which is old and doesn't run with out the battery plugged up into it. Plus it's so slow, so good luck with that one, haha!! :) We do have insurance and I hate to say that I have been through this once before. I lived in Fayetteville. (That should explain that, they call it Fayettenam for a reason) So, lucky for us, all that was taken is replaceable. Again, we're safe, just a little shooken up. The kicker is, we were going back and forth with a few alarm companies for prices and planned on getting an alarm system put in next week sometime. The alarm company we ended up going with called and left a message on Terry's cell phone Friday, while we were talking to the cop who was writing up our incident report. That song that Alanis Morresett (sp) sang came to mind, "Isn't it Ironic...don't you think?" Oh well, what's done is done. Obviously, they needed it more than we did. It still doesn't justify things, but there's nothing you can do about it at this point now. We did get a alarm system, so we feel safer, so to speak. I hate that they broke our window though. We have to wait for 2 weeks, until our window is in. UGH!! Terry's mom Jewell made me laugh when we said they only took a few things and she said, if we knew they were only going to take what they did, but broke our window in the process, we should have just left the doors unlocked, ha!

It was so hot, so we had to cover the window somehow. :)

Our friend Jon Cox came over and put up ply wood for us. He's so nice for helping us out. It looks better than ours above, but still... I don't think Nate Berkus would approve, ha!

We decided to not let this ruin our weekend, so we continued to do our regular weekend stuff, which is sprucing up around the house. :) We planted 4 Azalea bushes around the deck, we still need 6 more, whoops, I thought 4 would be enough. Our garden looks great too. A few plants died (of course), but our tomato plants are doing soo well! I still have more plants to grow, so I will plant those next weekend. It was HOT this past weekend.

Grow little plants, grow... :)

Also, I have been talking about getting a pool, well not the kind we wanted for ourselves, but for our Skylar man, that's for sure. Early Saturday, we headed to Babies R Us and got a little frog pool and Skylar loved it! He loved the water sprinkler too. His laugh was contageous! We couldn't stop smiling. He was our therapy for the weekend. We love our little bugger. Skylar also learned a new word. Everytime he dropped his sippy cup this weekend, he would say uh-oh, aahah! For some reason, that just made us laugh all weekend. He's also started to hand you his toys. He will play with it and then hand it to you and then you would hand it back. It was a back and forth game. Sometimes though, he would not hand it over and so basically he was saying SIKE! :) haha... Yep, I still say sike! :)

Loving this water!!

I love this Sprinkler
One way or another, I'm gonna find ya, I'm gonna get ya get ya get ya...
Next weekend, we are going to start our brick patio, we have 5 pallets of unused bricks that came with the house, so we're excited about using that. Hopefully, if we have enough bricks left over, we will make a fire pit too!! Now we need our friends and family to visit us! Hint Hint!!!


Anna Morrison said...

Man. Sorry about the whole ordeal. Glad you all are safe and not too much damage was done. Probably a bunch of punks. So sorry.

Pool shots are cute of Skylar.

Jen said...

So sorry that you guys had to deal with that...HOwever Pamela it did bring back a memory of walking down Sunset looking for purse contents!!! Do you remember?

evansmom said...

Hate you had that happen! We thought we had the same thing a few weeks ago, the screen was off the window and the shower door was shattered. But the police say it was 2 "freak" accidents. (king police:) I really do not think any one came in but it was a weird feeling thinking of someone unwanted being in your house. Glad your family was not home and you are all safe. Wish you a better week :)

Torie said...

That REALLY stinks! Glad to hear you installed the alarm system.

Skylar is C-U-T-I-E!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, i am so sorry to hear about your break in! that sucks! i am just glad you guys weren't home and mr ralph wasn't hurt! we are like that with our dog, nate! he is still our baby boy! skylar is adorable in his sprinkler pool! you need to send me your e mail address! take care- Ali

Crystal Johnson said...

OMG! I can not believe you have had to deal with something like this. How frightning!!! We are pre-wired for a security system and this really makes me think we should go ahead and invest in having one installed.

I love Skyler's pool!!! I should look for one for Owen. We need something to combat this heat!!!

Terry - Pamela - Skylar - Ralph said...

Thanks Everyone! We're fine and the kicker is that we also had our house pre-wired for security, ahah! We just didn't invest in it until it was too late. Oh well, we're prepared now.