Sunday, June 22, 2008

Inspired to try new things...

My friend Anna got me inspired to have a weekly meal plan set forth, so I won't go to the grocery store buying random things and just getting the ingredients for that week's meals and then getting your staples, like snacks, heehee. Seriously though, I find that you save a little money when you know what you're going to eat everyday.

Very simple, just grilled chicken tacos with chips and salsa. I make hard shells for Terry and pita tacos for me. :) We love the Sam's choice black bean and corn salsa. It's the best out there and one of the least expensive too. Skylar will try some soft tacos with no salsa, or anything of that other stuff we put on there. He loves cheese!

Cornbeef, potatoes and cabbage with steamed rice and soysauce. This is a meal my mom always made, the juice that comes with as it's cooking is so good! Skylar will have all of this too. Little bits though, as this dish might be loaded with MSG, because of the soy sauce.

We will have marinated steaks, baked potatoes, steamed and seasoned summer veggies and salad. Skylar will have all of this except steak.

Homemade pizza, with pepperoni, brocoli, red and green peppers, mushrooms, pinneapple, onions and of course cheese!! We're going to make a small portion of the pizza with nothing, but cheese and a little of the other stuff (brocoli and pineapple). Skylar's tried pizza a few times and only really likes the bread, haha.

Beef and corn casserole. I found this recipe in one of my many cookbooks, so I'm hoping this will be a good one!

Pinnapple tenderlin pork roast with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and salad.

We are going to Ella's 1st birthday party! So we will be eating good ole backyard hamburgers and hot dogs and most likely CAKE!! Yum! Skylar's never had cake, so this should be a treat.

I'm hoping to keep this up every week. I think I will save money by buying only the food we need that week. Did I tell you that gas is killing us, haha! So we need to save money every chance we can. Speaking of saving money, I have 4 tomatoes growing in our garden off one of our many tomato plants growing (17 total plants, yikes). They're tiny, but growing. I would post pics, but I know that would look silly. I'm just excited, so forgive me!! :) Growing my own vegetables is so exciting. I can compare this excitement to when you sent out your wedding invites and you're waiting on your RSVP's to come back. So, you check your mailbox everyday when you come home from work and see which ones came back. Am I the only one who thought that was so cool and exciting? Maybe two months from now or sooner, I will be posting about all the tomato sandwiches I'm eating! :) I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

you are so cute! we do weekly menus too, otherwise, we go to the store (no lie) every single day! so, now that the girls are eating table food (they hate baby food now) we can ALL eat together! it's great!! at anthropologie (s?) they have great magnetic pads with everything you would ever buy from the store, with check boxes next to it to mark as you "need" or run out of things... it stays on our fridge, we love it! and i know exactly what you mean about the RSVP cards... one of my favorite parts of the wedding process!!-Ali

Swiders said...

OMG - can I eat at your house too? We've been planning weekly meals for a couple of years, but ours are more like, Monday - Frozen Pizza, Tuesday - Hotdogs and Fries, you know where I'm going!! Maybe when I graduate I can be inspired by your menus - Kevin would love that!!

Crystal Johnson said...

What a great idea. I actually read yours, Anna and the girl she took the idea from. I stole a few dinner ideas for this week. I think I am going to make baked Chili. Yummo!!!!

Layla & Reggie said...

That is awesome! You have to let me know how it goes. we keep trying to do that too, but for some reason we keep slackin'!

Anna Morrison said...

so how have you liked having this nifty plan?

i have meant to comment all week. kept getting interrupted. i love that you did this. i like knowing what you are cooking. :)