Monday, October 6, 2008

No boys allowed...except Skylar

Those twine balls are kudzu that was twined and wrapped into making a ball and was spray painted pink. Can you say creative?
Everything you see, she did her self basically. It was a tea party theme for princesses and a knight!

Aaah....what a crazy weekend. We had birthday party galores. We were invited to 4 birthday parties, but could only make it to 2. Man, is Skylar a popular dude! Just in case you are wondering about the title. We went to our best friend's daughter's 3rd birthday party yesterday. She has really grown up before our very eyes. She had a fairy tale princess themed party and Skylar was the only boy, so Katie being the creative being she is, made him a knight costume. She made his vest and got him a knight helmet (or whatever they are called?), a sword and a shield. It was too cute. He had to protect his fairy princesses you know....haha. Look at the wonderful decorations that Katie made. I swear, she is so talented. As party favors for the guest, we got handmade and handpainted butterfly pottery ornaments. The little girls got makeup kits and Skylar got some cute books and chew toys (well that's what they will end up being, right?). We had so much fun! About to hurt his dad with the sword
He didn't like the helmet
Making his way through the house and he's thinking, Holy Moly, there's a lot pink!!
Katie made all the little girl's tutu's. How sweet!!
Look at the creative pictures

The food was pink too, haha
The Cake that Katie made.
Emma blowing out her candles, so sweet.

Now on to the boy stuff, yeah! Katie had a bouncer for this party. Skylar was laughing so hard at the girls in there and finally he got his turn to get in there.
BUT... He just ran in there and didn't really jump Playing with the girls the entire time, I suppose they rubbed off on him. This is where he stayed the entire time. Emma has a little kitchen with all the accessories in the kitchen. Let's just say he loved it and now we will end up getting him his own kitchen. hah!

On Saturday, we went to Zeb's 2nd birthday party. I didn't take many pictures, because Terry was at the Tarheel game and I was left to run after Skylar the entire time. Oh my gosh...I feel for all the single mom's out there. I don't know how they do it. I was so busy running after Skylar and trying keep him clean and me (he got strawberries all over his khaki shorts and on my shirt, ha), that I didn't get, but a few pics. Again, he had a BALL!

Loving this train thing. He didn't want to ride it, but he did want to play with the bell the entire time. Such fun!

Our next investment is a swing set. Skylar loves swings!

The Birthday boy!

We have another birthday party next weekend. My neice Yasmine turns 8. I can't wait! More yummy cake, great... :) Diet schmi-et...


Erin said...

OH wow how cute!! what an adorable party!! Skylar is one lucky little man!! hahahah

Anonymous said...

how can you top that pink birthday? wow! she went all out!!! that was adorable! sounds like skylar has a ton of girlfriends to choose from :) by the way, i love the haircut!!!!- Ali Parris

Torie said...

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Oh that makes me want to have a little girl. I like how they made Skylar a knight. Cute, cute, cute!

Anna Morrison said...

I knew Torie would say that.

You some great photos. I loved seeing in on that party. I love seeing the lengths that some moms go to for birthday parties. it inspires me.

Your little guy is getting so big. Enjoy!