Friday, October 17, 2008

15 months appt

Just a little update on Sky-dogg. We went for his 15 month appt on Thursday and he's doing just great! They gave him a full examination (2 shots) and he's just as healthy as can be, considering my last post suggested otherwise, but I will take that diagnosis, that's for sure. :) In just 3 months, well a little under 3 months really, Skylar has grown a 1/2 inch, knocking him up to 33 1/2 inches (again, off the charts) and he gained a whopping full pound, haha!! (25th percentile again at 22 1/2 lbs) and he's still got a big head in the 90th percentile. So to recap, tall and skinny with a big bobble head. Ahh, I love my little monster butt! Don't you love my sweet nicknames for him?


Swiders said...

I do love your nick-names, esp. Sky-Dogg!! Glad to hear the doctor confirmed he's as perfect as we suspected!!

Gina said...

I can't believe you described my beautiful baby boy's head as a bobble head!!! I'm SO going to tell MOM!!!!! :)