Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We hope that everyone had a great candy time! :) We sure I'm no longer considered weird about asking for candy! :) Well at least that night, that is. I had Skylar on one hip and we went house to house. We were fortunate to carry on the same tradition of my neice coming to our house and trick or treating with us. She has come the past 4 or maybe 5 years with me and I was sad to think that she might not be able to this year, since we moved further away. Luckily for us, she came! We went to a neighborhood down the road from us, because our neighborhood are all retired folks and well....their lights were off. ha! Oh well... Yasmine's dad Reid stayed at our house to pass out candy while we were off. By the way... NO trick or treaters came. I have 4 bags of candy, plus what Skylar got... What am I going to do with all that? I guess I can make little treat bags for everyone for Christmas...always thinking ahead or just slightly OCD...Back to Halloween, Skylar of course was a little blue scary monster and Yasmine was a beautiful Princess! Terry and I went of course as ourselves, which is too fabulous to describe. :) Totally kidding, ha! Here are some pictures

Skylar took Yasmine's wand and loved it...oh lord...

Pretty princess

Off we go

Skylar and Yasmine

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Gina said...

WOW! Yassy and Skybug look sooooo good. I can't believe how grown up she looks in her costume and Sky so adorable...a mischievious little monster. LoL.