Monday, October 13, 2008

Head, shoulders, knees and toes or...

Hand, foot and mouth! UGH!! So, I get a call from the daycare, you know those dreaded calls...because no news is good news, right? Well, you know when they call, something happened and it's never good. To give you a little update, I noticed Skylar had a couple of blister like bumps on his right hand yesterday, but I just didn't think too much of it. Well, I got that call and apparently, there is a hand foot and mouth epidemic going on at school and Skylar was one of the lucky chosen ones that got infected. Wonderful. The kicker is, he can't go back until the blisters are dried out. so, that could be 2 weeks, according the the doctor. What in the world! So, hopefully, it will past soon. I can't take off work for 2 weeks. Terry and I are taking turns. Skylar has no blisters in his mouth and has 1 on his foot and about 4 on his right hand. Hopefully, when we wake tomorrow, there will be no more that popped up. We plan to give more baths, the oatmeal kind and I'm hoping that will dry those out.

On to other news, Skylar has two more teeth. His "fang" teeth as Torie calls them (ha) came in over the weekend, I never noticed them before and he didn't let us know, since he didn't act like anything was bothering him. His Molars on the other hand, were brutal for us all, but these guys are a piece of cake. :) So, that makes 14 teeth, 8 on top and 6 on bottom. I'm thinking, since they come in pairs usually, his bottom two will come in soon. Then that just leaves the 2nd set of molars and we are good for teeth! :) Please let this happen quickly and pain free!

Party time!! Skylar went to his cousin's 8th birthday party and he had so much fun! There was so much food, as you know, Filipino's cook for an army it seems. You would have thought you were at Golden Coral, but Asian food and pizza/wings. I think I gained a few pounds, but I didn't have cake, so that balances that out, right? Skylar loved eating too. He never stopped. He went from fruit, pizza, egg rolls, fruit, chips, fett Alfredo, back to fruit, some Filipino dessert that he loved and then back to fruit. Don't judge me, he loved it and I was more than happy to fatten his skinny self up! There were so many kids there, than ranged from 4 months old to 16 years old. Skylar seems to really enjoy hanging with the big kids. He was all serious face hanging around in the circle with them, hah! Also, there was a clown that made balloon animals or whatever you wanted him to make. The kids loved it and afterwards, Skylar would try to steal every one's balloons. He was so crazy and kids would start hiding anything like candy, toys or balloons from him. Here comes Skylar, the terrorizer. The funny clown
Sweet Yasmine, having so much fun on her birthday!
A pic of us...we never get those pictures!
The pinata was a hit!
The pinata was broken and there went the kids.
Skylar being sweet for his daddy
Zeb was dancing to the music!
A little peek of what we started, haha! We were supposed to paint the bonus room and well....Terry decided he wanted to do a tile back splash for the kitchen. Um....paint is quicker. I will show the after pic when we're done. This is something that we don't plan to hurry on. We plan to be done by Thanksgiving, because we only have time to do a little at a time. This shouldn't really take too long actually, so then we can paint the bonus room. Ahh, it's never a dull moment at the Presnell Household.


Julie said...

We have hand foot and mouth virus right now as well. We think we got it from a birthday party with one of those nasty McDonald like playgrounds. I had never heard of it until the doctor told me yesterday. Uck!!

Torie said...

Skylar looks soooo much like his daddy. Cute pics... I hope the blisters go away quickly. LOVE the tile! My kitchen is next on the list to redo!! Keep us updated with pictures.

Erin said...

Hand foot and mouth yep Ryleigh has had that once!! Well I Hope he gets better fast!! Love your tile, I bet it will look awesome when it done you will have to post after pics!!

Crystal Johnson said...

Poor Skylar! I have heard of kids getting HMFV, but Owen has never had it. I guess it's pretty common if you take them to daycare. Hopefully it will pass soon!

Love the kitchen tile! I think what we had at our other house was very similar. Danny and his Dad installed it. I think we may go with glass tile this time; just for something different. We're hoping to start painting room-by-room here soon. AHHHH! I dread painting!!!

How are you guys? Did you go to homecoming?

Jen said...

Elise had that.We think she gotit at the Y. Her blisters dried up much sooner than two weeks. I hope that brings some comfort to you.