Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Festival and change in cars

We had a great weekend, like usual!! On Friday, Skylar's daycare held their Fall Festival and the kids can dress up in their halloween gear and play games for prizes and eat! We had fun, although I think Skylar was not liking his costume all that much, because my guess it was too hot. He looked cute as a button though. My little monster, that's for sure. This made me laugh, because this is a small table with small (low to the ground) chairs and Skylar was eating like normal, but his daddy was eating right beside him, also sitting in a small chair. Skylar was digging for dinasaurs, so he could get a prize. Skylar usually loves Miss Jakima, who was dressed like a princess, but he was not liking his costume all that much. My little monster! (I just got off I was looking lovely....not)

Saturday, we made plans to visit the jeep dealership in WS, (BTW, we only deal with them, because the ones in GSO and HP are horrible!!) and so we traveled there to look at a smaller suv, since I still need the space, but I want better gas mileage. We looked at the Chrysler Pacifica. It kind of looks like a smaller van/station wagon, but it's an SUV, but smaller than my jeep commander. Anyways, it was perfect for us! It's used, but in excellent condition and in the long run, we will be saving so much money. I'm so excited about that and it having better gas mileage than my jeep, HELLO?...that's a no brainer! It also, has a DVD built in, so traveling will be so much nicer for us now! Skylar will be happy and that in turn makes his mom and dad happy! My friend Kelly told me I am such a soccer mom now, ahah! I guess that's a compliment, lol as I do love soccer, but I'm not quite sure if she is also calling me old? hmmm... :) During that time, Grandma Jewell and pappaw Olen came to visit and babysit Skylar and we are so glad they did. There is NO way Skylar would have enjoyed that little, but long trip (hour wise) with us. Skylar instead, went shopping with them at Alamance Crossing and ate so much food. I don't know how he eats sooooo well at Daycare or when he's with them. Now, on the weekends, Skylar will eat like a champ for breakfast, like this morning, he ate a whole thing of mandarin oranges, a waffle and then a whole pancake as that's what I made for everyone. Anyways, at daycare, he's the best eater, as several teachers told me, but when I bring him home at night, I will get two good bites out of him and then nothing...haha! Man, I go off on tangents, but back to the restaurant story, he ate a whole thing of mac and cheese, baked beans, fries dipped in ketchup, chicken tenders and something else. I asked them if it was just bites and Jewell said no and that he acted like he hasn't ate in a long time.. WHAT? Aye Yai Yai..... Maybe, he rather stare intently at me with his loving eyes, than eat... nah...more like throw food and laugh afterwards (that's why I got the monster costume). :) Sunday, we stopped by the farmers market to look for some plants and maybe buy some pumpkins (btw-pumpkins are way too expensive there). We came across this pumpkin house and it was too cute to not stop and take some pics. We meant to go to the Pumpkin Patch to take pictures, but ran out of time. We will do that this week sometime, before Halloween. Btw, what is everyone doing for Halloween? I think we might go trick or treating for an hour and then come back to give out candy. I love seeing the kids all dressed up looking so darn cute!! Anyways, here are some of the pics. I got a smile! He was studying the layout Where's Skylar? Skylar's the one in, wait a minute... Climbing as usual So, he can look in...little monkey


Layla 'n' Reggie said...

I looove the Pacifica..I keep trying to get Reg to swap up but we almost got everything paid off, so no upgrading for us anytime soon :)

luv, luv, luvin' the costume btw!

Swiders said...

These pictures are great! He is growing so fast!! You should come to Winston-Salem for trick or treating :)

bgrib said...

Did you go to North Point Chrysler? I just got a jeep there 2 weeks ago when I was at home!
I love all the fall pictures too!!!