Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gymboree time

Today we went to Gymboree in W-S and Skylar had a ball!! We figured he would love it, because our good friends The Elrods go as well, or at least their son Crawford does. :) Skylar got to let out all this energy that little boys and little girls (can't forget them) have, which is a lot! :) Terry came with me, because he didn't want to miss out and well....Skylar is one tough little man to handle!! I think this will be a regular thing we plan to do, since he enjoyed it so much! We don't have Gymboree in GSO, but we do have Little Gym, which is pretty much the same thing, but closer! :) Here are some pics of our little gym-ster. Skylar getting that ball
He loved balls and he loved this area with the basketball goal the most
tippy toes

He was clapping so much, because he loved the bubbles!!
Whose that cutie patootie?
The obstacle course

It was just too cute, to not post
All the kids were under the parachute and Skylar was laughing so loud. I don't know if he knew what was going on, haah!

Later on today, we all went to visit Jamie and see her cute preggo self. We're sad that we live so far away now. We got to visit and see all that she plans to do for the nursery. Such exciting times!! I can't wait to meet Baby Swider...since she is holding out to find out the sex, WHAT???? :) I am so mad...because INQUIRING minds want to know....hint hint...
After we left Jamie's, we stopped by a local church playground and decided to take some pics of him playing.

What a funny face

I love this picture of him

Going down the slide with his daddy

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Swiders said...

You are too funny!! I'm so glad you guys came to visit - it was wonderful seeing you!!