Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shopping with Yassiemundo

Today, Skylar and I met up with my sister Mely and my favorite niece Yasmine (ok I only have one niece...) and we went to the W-S Mall to shop for her upcoming Beauty Pageant. We got her a chic and casual outfit and we picked out a formal gown. She's going to be a cutie patootie. :)
The Berenstain Bears were there as well, so she got a picture with them. Skylar was asleep in his stroller (he never falls asleep in that shock), so he wasn't able to take a picture with them.

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Gina said...

You should've gotten a pic of Yassie's boots that had all the folks coming up to you & asking where you got them. She's such a trendsetter. Wish I could be there for her first pageant. Sigh. Last year I missed her big ballet performance. I really hate that I miss these big milestone moments with the family. Pls be sure to take alot of pics!!