Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'll get to the title in a minute, but wanted to catch you all up with what's going on. This is long by the way. Skylar is talking so much now and eating like there is no tomorrow. Last week, which by the way, I ended up getting Strep throat on my bday, so I was not having fun, but I took Skylar to the doctor too. Since I found out I tested positive for Strep and I knew Skylar and I shared a drink the day before, I needed to take him as well to make sure he didn't have it. He was fine, no strep, but he has this bad cough (kind of like a smoker's cough) and they prescribed steroids to help with his wheezing. If you remember me mentioning before, he is a VERY picky eater and barely eats really, except for things like hotdogs and mandarin oranges, aha! Anyhoo, ever since he's been on the "juice", he's hungrier than ever. I can't give him enough food. Dinner time now is an hour and a half long. To give you an example, for breakfast on Thursday, he ate 2 adult size waffles, a handful of cheerios and a full sippy cup of milk. For dinner, he ate 4 chicken tenders, a couple of fries, a whole banana, one piece of whole wheat bread, some left over mac and cheese and a 1/2 container of greenbeans from the night before. This was all happening while I was trying to cook dinner. Then once I had dinner ready, he started eating my food, which was an easy to make, but quick hamburger helper meal with steamed rice. He was eating the meat (which he hates...or used to), the rice, the potatoes... I mean...he is so hungry, but WE LOVE IT!!! I can't believe his appetite is so full! I know this will change this week, as he had his last dosage of the steroids yesterday... but it was nice while it lasted!!

Skylar also got his bottom 2 fang teeth (cuspids) in, making this 16 teeth. All he has last left is his second year molars, so we have time to relax now, whooo.. No more crying and throwing fits...well at least not, because of his teeth hurting him.

I have no pictures by the way to share, because I can't find my camera anywhere. I hope I find it soon. We did a little painting over the weekend and I like to show updates, plus the kitchen is about 75% done with the tile back splash.

Now on to Skylar and his talking. New words that we heard or his grandparent's heard him say more than once over the weekend.

Chicken (we heard)
paw paw
Crazy (grandparents heard)
Ralph (I swear I heard it, but I'm not 100%...he could of been making a barking sound)

Then the funniest thing, he has a truck that plays 'Old Macdonald' and we sing along with it and say e, i, e, i, o and well, he sings that too. It's funny! He had been with his grandparents, cousins and the rest of the family in Marion all weekend, so he might have picked that up there. Since we got him back tonight, he's been talking so much, like he drank 2 or 3 cups of coffee, I mean talking a mile minute (all jibberish of course with words that make sense thrown in the mix). The stories I heard about him in church had me rolling. Apparently, he was walking around in church and with him being so skinny, his pants don't fit in the waist and well, he decided to take them off and walked or run rather to the front of the church in the middle aisle, so everyone could see him in his diaper with the pants off. That's our Skylar!! :) He's getting to be such fun now and is now a little person. So many people tell us he looks like he's 3 or 4 years old and doesn't look like a baby anymore, which makes me sad a bit, because I know he's not, but then again, he's growing up so quick!! I'm trying to savor every moment with him, good and bad, because I know his need of wanting me to pick him up when he's hurt or sad will go away as he will be a tough little man that will be too big in his opinion for my long hugs and kisses. Sigh...

Until next time and as Skylar says...bah bye and E, I, E, I, oooo.


Layla 'n' Reggie said...

wow! I can't believe he is eating that much...that's more than i eat!hah! That's great that he is starting to talk so much, don't you just love hearing the funny things that they say? oh, to be a kid and be able to say anything you want...:)

Crystal Johnson said...

What a little eater!!! That's great! Good thing gas is less if you'll be buying more groceries.

I love hie new words. It's so fun to hear them finally telling you things and mocking you and sounds. Are you writing them all down? I wish I would have started doing this earlier, but didn't even think about it...and when I started, I forgot o include the date or even age (which is waht makes it important.)


I've got the on being sick!

Jen said...

They do grow so fast but don't worry it will YOU for quite a while that steals his little heart:)

Swiders said...

I would have loved to have seen him in church - I bet that was adorable!

Gina said...

Wow! Betcha all this eating means he'll hit a growth spurt soon!! 28 days till I see him!! CAN'T WAIT!!