Sunday, November 2, 2008

Marion travels and Gas..

Today we went to Marion to visit with Terry's family. It's always great to go there and especially now with the leaves changing. It's beautiful!! We had a great time visiting and eating tons of food. Skylar got a huge bag of clothes that were past down from Xavier who's 2 years older than Skylar. Very nice!! :) They always treat us like royalty when we go there, maybe that's an indication that we don't visit too often, but that was only because of the gas prices being so high. BUT that's now changing, WOO HOO!! I took a picture of one of the gas stations in marion and I know you have to buy a car wash first, but still...this made my heart all warm! I'm hoping this is an indication that our economy is turning around.

We stopped by a local park in Marion and took a couple of pics of Skylar being happy.

Out of order, but Skylar down the slide, he's so happy!

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