Saturday, November 1, 2008

Stew Time with co-workers...

Today was a pretty long day, as we kept going from one thing to another. That's why I live for weekends! :) We were invited to a Brunswick stew in Stokesdale at one of Terry's co-workers home. It's so nice out there and peaceful. Reminds me a lot of King. I miss that place! The scenery was very country and well, it just brings back memories. I didn't take too many pictures, as I was making sure Skylar didn't break anything, haha! He's starting to do that now.

Skylar loved climbing everything

He was playing himself, ahah

Going for a ride

Already thinking he's a big boy

Not cooperating with dad and pulling a sweet tantrum on the ground....aaaah the joys of the new terrible 1's!

Skylar found a new girfriend

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Swiders said...

I want to visit Marion one day!!! Esp. when there is lots of food to be had :) I miss you guys, of course, but I also miss Jewell and Olen too!!