Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jump Jump....everybody Jump...

Well, that's putting it mildly. We had a great Saturday! Skylar was invited to Kyleigh's 3rd birthday party at Bounce U. Can you say....omg FUN and HOT!! I will say this, if you do plan to go there, make sure you are wearing something that you don't care to sweat in. (note to self for next time) I went down the slides and jumped everywhere with Skylar. He was having so much fun! We will definitely have one of Skylar's birthday parties there. So worth the fun!! My camera of course went dead right when we got there. WHAT!! UGH! It would turn on every once in a while, so I got about 5 pictures at least! The age range was 1 year to 4 years and all you could hear was squeals from kids and their parents. There was a lot of interaction, so it was fun for everyone involved!

Skylar was climbing the wall and then sliding down the other side.

My friend Angela's daughter Makinley was having a great time going down the slide. She's 2 years old and was so much fun to watch.

This was the big slide that the kids went down with the parents. I could have stayed on this thing all day, but boy, was I hot! Not in a good way....I had sweat pouring everywhere. Let just say I didn't raise my hands...(I wasn't sure hee hee)

After that, Terry went back to Greensboro with Skylar and I went to another party. What Party you ask?

Twilight party anyone? :)

Since Twilight came out on DVD SAturday, we made plans to watch this at my friend's husband's company, Audio/Video 1. It was awesome! I'm actually very glad Terry didn't come, he would have been in heaven seeing all the cool technology that was there. I was definitely impressed, but we don't NEED a home theater in our house, aha! I mean, want yes, need, ....well, there are a few things we might need over that. Don't ask Terry thoug, as he may say different.


Layla 'n' Reggie said...

wow, that theater is awesome! I am soo jealous...I sat at home and watched the movie on our tiny little tv (well, compared to that thing!)
Makinley is too cute on that slide, btw, she looks like she is about to fly off!

Anonymous said...

how much fun is that?!?!? i just rented it on Directv and watched it all day long while Steven rolled his eyes! i can't wait for the next movie to come out :)- Ali Parris