Sunday, March 1, 2009

This and that and everything in between...

So, if you haven't noticed, I have been MIA. I think it's the weather. We all turn into hermit crabs and lazy at that. :) I can't wait for D.S.T. to come and then for it be just a little bit warmer. I love cold weather if it's snowing, but the snow has been non-existant and just dustings really. They're calling 3 to 6 inches tonight. (earlier post)
OK, I have been away from the computer, since Skylar woke up from this nap and guess what? It's snowing big time! My attitude has totally changed, I love COLD weather!! I love the snow! I hope to have some pictures to post of Skylar in the snow! Woo hoo!

Reasons I love snow~
1. Snow Cream
2. Snow Angels
3. Soup weather
4. It's peaceful
5. Everyone's houses are so beautiful when covered in snow.
6. It smells different outside, but it's wonderful!

Some vices I feel I need to share~
1. Don't eat the yellow snow
2. ok that's really just it

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Torie said...

Woo hoo we love snow too! Now I am ready for Spring.