Monday, March 9, 2009

Lazy days at the park

Ok, we now have a favorite place to play. Actually, I have no idea if we are even allowed to play there, but they have like 10 playgrounds for all age groups and we played on most of them. :) We are coming here more often, that's for sure. I will need to take pictures the next time we go back of all the playgrounds there. It's fantastic for Skylar to let loose in!

Look how long his legs are...he's so tall!! And on a side note-look at his bruises, cuts and scrapes! What a typical boy!
("Dad, you are so funny!")
(Loving his hair right here! )

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Crystal Johnson said...

What a great playground! Yeah, Owen is always covered in bruises and scrapes. It seems they are always worse when he has to go for a check-up and then the doctor is examining them like he is abused.