Sunday, March 15, 2009

Making use of the rain indoors...

Time for Fun!!

We actually had a great weekend! We played at the Children's Museum on Saturday and met up with several friends! Although, it was supposed to be a playdate, it was more of a , "See ya!!" Skylar decided he would rather do his own thing and we ran after him the entire time, haha!

Time to go shopping

Let's make lemonaid

--Oh Skylar does the cutest thing now. He shakes your hand. So next time you see Skylar, hold you hand out to shake his hand and he will do it willingly and look you in the eyes, because he means business! :)

When we got home from the Museum, Terry and I decided to paint the wet bar/loft area in our house. There are still several areas in our house that needs to be painted, so we just took advantage of the time we were stuck indoors and painted away. I think we started something now, because we're going to want to paint everything now! Of course we both couldn't paint at the same time, because that means Ralph would be the babysitter. Probably not the best idea. :) Here's the pics.

Pre-paint and very Messy (also we never party at, because we have Skylar) bar area! :) Notice the empty picture frames, we have these all over the house....

Almost done

Done. :)


Layla 'n' Reggie said...

It looks the color! Okay, so when's the party??

Jennifer said...

Love the color, I painted my kitchen that color and love it. Looks great!!