Sunday, March 29, 2009

Surprise visit from grand-ma and paw-paw

I was sitting in the garage playing with Skylar while Terry was watching UNC play (GO HEELS) and boy was I surprised to see that Jewell (grand-ma) and Olen (paw-paw) had pulled into the driveway! :) They said they missed Skylar and had to come see us and they came all the way from out west (AKA Marion - our little joke) and they didn't tell us either! WHOAH...I guess that's saying something about Terry, Skylar and I. We never leave the house, ahha! They brought Skylar fun gifts too! We love that they visited us. We miss them so much!
Skylar thought it was funny to try and run over his Grand-Ma.
Showing her how it's done with his new golf set. Tiger-Tiger Woods Yaw!
We have to make time to mow the yard and make bubbles. What a smart concept!
BUBBLES!!! We love bubbles Paw Paw!!

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Swiders said...

I miss them!! Please tell them I said hello, and that we have a new addition :)