Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Going to be MIA....for at least a week

BECAUSE of ... My new Obsession.

I finished this in 1 Full day.

I'm reading this now and I'm already on page 212 and this I started at 9pm (Monday)

I need to buy this book (3rd in series) and I will most likely start this on Thursday...I do have a wonderful son that needs my undivided attention. :)

This should be done this weekend. :)

I promise to post the past 2 weeks of updates. I have a lot of pictures to download. :)


Torie said...

I know so many people that are hooked on these books. I haven't allowed myself to pick them up yet.

Erin said...

ahh yes let us know!! I have the books I just need to get a chance to actaully sit down and read them!!

Swiders said...

I can't wait to read the series!

Gina said...

LoL. I remember when I whet my appetite on the series. IT WAS SOOO HARD TO PUT THEM DOWN! I remember feeling miffed that I had to quit reading to do things like eat, work n sleep... or attend farewell parties in my honor when I was still living in Cali. I'm glad you like the series. Can't wait to discuss 'em when you're through.

Layla 'n' Reggie said...

yaaay!! i am soooo glad you're reading this...I finished all 4 books in like 1 week, got Reg hooked who finished them the next week and now he is trying to convert everyone too! aren't they great?

Anonymous said...

I read all 4 in one week! AWESOME! I am addicted and Steven is making so much fun of me!!! LOVE THEM! I even went to see Twilight in the movie theater- not as good as the book- but you know.... Steven keeps calling me a "Young Adult"! I hope you like them all, they are so addicting!! I have all mine sitting in our room, guess I better sell them to some teenager now! Ha!- Ali Parris