Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Updates and life after Twilight...

Sigh...I need another series to read. Any suggestions? I miss my sleep deprived days of reading that story in 4 SHORT and not long enough books. I was a little obsessed really....I mean, if you think about it. Or just ask my husband. I think he remembers me, I was the one holed up in the other room when Skylar finally went to sleep and not making a sound, just reading my wonderful books. I did acknowledge him, although he will say I just nodded and did the eye brow lift thing like saying hello. :)

Well, since I am done, I needed to update my blog. Below are the links to each one or you can scroll down until you get to them, but I'm warning you, there's a lot. :).

Jamie's baby shower

Poor Carolina Panthers

My Sister Ging-ga-ging's going away party...10 thousand dollars

Ober Gatlinburg, fun in the fake snow


Layla 'n' Reggie said...

that's soo funny, I was exactly the same way! It was depressing really...I am trying to read her new book "The Host" but it's just NOT the saaaame, waah!

Gina said...

She actually had a 5th book started for the Twilight series but she had relatives preview it and somehow it leaked on the internet which made her mad and caused her to scrap the 5th book altogether. It was supposed to be Edward's point of view Book 2. Sigggh. Wish she had con't with the series. Would've liked to have seen Jacob's relationship pan out from book 4...Ah,the sweet life of addiction!!!

Hollie said...

i've been wanting to read the twilight series and just haven't got around to starting it. i hope to soon though, i've heard such great things about it!