Sunday, January 4, 2009

My sister Ging-ga-ging's going away party...10 thousand dollars!!

Gina is my sister if you haven't already guessed and she's in the navy, going on well, seems like For-Eva! This trip will take her to Egypt. Yep.... BFE. So, while she is over there, enjoying herself and being a tourist and wearing her I Heart Egypt shirt, we had one last hoorah before she left. We had wonderful food with family at my brother John's house, which is more than amazing. I'm severely jealous of all the new renovations they did. Way to go John, since he handled most of the renovations himself. Um....I can paint walls. Wait a second, I can paint STRIPES on walls! So, take that! :) Terry can do much more than me, but this is about the friendly competition between my brother and I. By the way, it's like 100 to 2 regarding the score card between us... He's winning.

Skylar being silly with Yasmine

Where's Skylar?

Mely and Skylar

Playing with cousin Zeb
He LOVED this train set, so now we got to get one too!!
Mely showing Yasmine what to do, but I think Yasmine already knew
Skylar playing Golden Tee with Nanny

Grandpa was making Skylar laugh
I was totally concentrating and kicking bootay! Well...we both cheated when the other person wasn't looking.


Whoops, I forgot I shouldn't be so nice regarding John. I um, received a late Christmas gift, we all did actually and it was lottery scratch off tickets. We could win up to 10,000 dollars too!! Well, I started to scratch it off and guess what? I WON 10 THOU-SAN-D Dollars. (Imagine that with the Dr. Evil Accent) I flipped out and ran upstairs to get John to show him that I won and for him to make sure I did win. Then I hugged him real hard and right when I was doing that, Gina yells, "I won 5,000 dollars!!!" and then I heard my mom had also won 5,000 dollars. Hmmmm, the jig is up.

**That's when I burnt down his house. The end. (That's my happily ever after story)**


Layla 'n' Reggie said...

hahahah! I almost peed myself, LOL!

Erin said...

EGYPT!! WOW how nice... and $10,000 bucks!! I was like dang lucky girl!!!! hahahaha what a prankster!! thats funny but I do remember father in law calling saying he won all this money and didnt realize they were fake until like 2 days later when the guy who gave them to him actually told him!! hahaaha OMG thats hilariuos.. would have been nice it was real though!!

Gina said...

I'm still going to try to send my lottery ticket to the address on the back of my ticket:

Money Fairy
123 Nowhere Dr.
Makebelieve, Land USA

$5,000 will buy me a caravan of camels in Egypt. LoL.