Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ober Gatlinburg, fun in the fake snow

This was such a fun trip. We never get days away to relax and enjoy ourselves without the little man needing our undivided attention. Not to get me wrong, he is our pride and joy, but once you have a child or have children, you tend to savor those moments that you have for each other alone. :) I was very excited about this trip, because I was going to attempt snowboarding. Fun stuff...NOT... I was not as graceful as I thought I would be. Considering that I thought I could snowboard, because of a little bit of skateboarding I used to do when I would follow around big bro around and thinking I was cool. Well, this did not come in handy when trying this venture now. I was a little less than graceful if you really want to know. The snow and me had a deal. I would always bow down to it and it would kiss me as always. Very wet kisses, aha!

Regardless, my sister is more descriptive and kind in her blog, so click on Gina's blog to read on about that and see the pictures. I didn't take as many pictures, but just these below.

Gina on the tram

Overlooking the town in the tram

On our way back from skiing

We had a fun shopping trip too. We bought a train table for Skylar that we were going to buy for his 2 year birthday, but KB toys is going out of business and well they had one for 50% off and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I mean it's sad they are going out of business, going into to stores like that and trying to be excited for the good buys, but then knowing they won't be there in a few weeks.

The train table is really cool though. It has baskets below it to put all the accessories, it has interchangeable tops for a whiteboard and a chalkboard, a chutes and ladders and checkers game board, a green board for just the trains and then leggo boards to place your leggo creations on it. Plus it provided all the accessories, including the train tracks, train, trees, signs buildings.....very cool stuff. Guess what? Skylar only wants to climb it, aha! Oh well, he will like it as he gets older. Right now it serves as another table, ahah!

Skylar stayed with his Grandma Jewell and Paw paw Olen in Marion for those days we were gone. He was of course spoiled. He ate like a King and played hard until he past out for the night. We didn't forget to bring presents back for Olen and Jewell. We (lol) went to one of their many "As Seen on TV" stores. Side note- my sister Gina said when she was younger, she thought that was the name of a store. haha Anyways, we bought the Sham Wow for Olen and ourselves actually and then we bought the Aqua Globes for Jewell. I sort of wished I bought it now for myself. How cool is that? :)

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Erin said...

Glad you had a good time!! We were just there in December.. its amazing how in town there is no snow and a 10 min trip up the mountain SNOW!! I wanna go back when they get the snow tubing open!