Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jamie's baby shower

Another one of my BFF's Jamie is having her first baby! What gender baby you ask? We have no idea. She's one of those crazy girls that doesn't want to know until the day of!! I do admire her determination and I'm very proud of her, that she hasn't cheated yet. She's had 8 ultrasounds and she hadn't slipped up once. I know her baby will be gorgeous and there's no doubt about that!
The party hosts, Layla, Katie, Angela and I decided to throw a shower for Jamie. Since she hasn't found out the gender, we made it gender neutral for the colors. Lots of Green and Yellow. I love those colors anyways, since I painted Skylar's room those colors at our old house and I knew he was going to be a boy, so there. :) Jamie got a lot of cute stuff. We had it at Big Shotz Tavern in one of their smaller private rooms and the food was excellent. The cupcakes came from Dewey's! mmmm, my favorite and we all added our own special touches. We wanted to shower our sweet friend, since she always did the same for us one way or another.

Dewey's cupcakes...yum!!

The party planners- Layla, Angela, Me and Katie
The baby shower games- Guess the dirty diaper and Name that baby food
All the presents
Jamie guessing what's in the diaper...Go ahead Jamie, open it!
I made the diaper cake
The food was great, yummers
The party planners and the mother to be
She liked her Mom Bag. :)
Soon she will have her new baby to show off as well and I can't wait!


bgrib said...

I love Dewey's!!!! Reminds me of home!

Terry - Pamela - Skylar - Ralph said...

I know, it's so good!!!

Swiders said...

These are great pics - only because it was such a great shower!! You ladies did a WONDERFUL job...I'm so lucky to have my girls!!

Gina said...

You girlz did a great job! I LOVE the diaper cake, Pamela. You are so creative!!

Congratulations, Jamie! Many blessings to you and Kevin.