Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy at 18 months

Skylar has been very happy here lately. I mean, I think he's over this cold/ ear infection thing and all he wants to do is play, DANCE and laugh. He's 18 months now and he's just keeps getting funnier by the minute. Now he still has his flaws of SCREAMING at the top of his lungs (sounds like a high pitch girl scream) and then throwing fits when he doesn't get his way, but other than those terrors, he's wonderful!

* He's imitating our words now. I can't name all the words right now, but if we say it a few times, he will say it also. There's a lot now. Yaaaay!!!
* He knows where the milk is at and if he wants more, he will hand you his cup and run to the fridge and tries to open it himself.
* He loves having his hair dried with the hair dryer. It's weird, but I think he thinks it's equal to us getting messages, aha! He looks like he's in heaven.
* He gets on our couch or chairs and brings a blanket with him to cover himself up and watches TV.
* He's sleeps 12 to 14 hours straight. He was NOT like this until he was 8 months, so the first 8 months were HARD on us.
* He's independent for the most part, so I can get things done while he plays.
* He's still a picky eater, so sometimes we stick to the same foods, just so he will eat.
* The boy loves to dance!!

He went to the doctor and his stats are basically the same as his 15 months, aha! He's 90th% for his head circumference, he's 25th% for weight (he only gained a few ounces) and he's 90th% for height. (he's starting to slow down on growing as fast)

So, 23 lbs/10 oz weight and 34 inches for height. He got 3 shots, poor guy and he did not take it like a trooper either. :( I hate when he's in pain.

Here are a few pics I took last night, because he was in a good mood. So, why not! He never smiles for me once I have my camera out, so I was very surprised. Of course I threw in his I am so mad at you face as well.

Just for fun....haha...he wasn't happy.

My Favorite pic!


Swiders said...

I LOVE the pics - even the scary face :) He is such a beautiful little boy...It's so fun remembering back from when he was just days old, and now looking into how he is growing into his own. Glad to hear the sleep thing has gotten so good!

Gina said...

I love the pics and update. I miss my leeetel boooooy! His "yassy" face is so cute. Remember yassy's blood curling screams when she was his age? I can't believe how much he's grown since Christmas. Siggggh.

Anonymous said...

He is precious! 18 months already? Wow! Time does fly :) He looks like he is so much fun and always on the go! I can't wait to see what boys are like!! When are you gonna get some pink in that house????? Take care!!! - Ali Parris

Anna Morrison said...

such a little man. happy 18 months to you, mommy. what a ride, eh?

Crystal Johnson said...

I love the list and the pics are great. He's always so well dressed!

Jennifer said...

Those are great pix! Beautiful smile! Go 18mths glad to see he is also feeling better.

Jennifer said...

Those are great pix! Beautiful smile! Go 18mths glad to see he is also feeling better.