Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting ready for Skylar's party...

Yep and I'm already exhausted! I know...and it hasn't even started yet. I can't believe my Sky-Dogg is turning 2. Craziness! Two years ago, I was doing everything remotely possible to get Skylar out. I'm so glad he's here and healthy and of course perfect.

Skylar at 2 Months Old

Skylar a few days shy of his 1 year birthday

Skylar being Skylar a few days shy of his 2 year birthday


Crystal Johnson said...

I know everything will be just perfect today! Happy birthday little Skylar!

I can't wait to see pictures!!!

Thanks for letting me be a virtual part of your life :)

Anna Morrison said...

Such a little cutie, that one. Enjoy this.