Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Skylar!

Today is Skylar's actual birthday and I went to his daycare to celebrate with him and his little friends. He wore his super cute shirt from Saturday (washed of course), since today was his day! We had cookies and fruit chews with Milk, yum!!

I had hats for everyone, but of course those are hard to stay put on toddlers who are on the move. Skylar kept his on though. I think he was more excited about the cookies.

Smiling as they were singing Happy Birthday to him, well the teachers and I really, ahah!

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Gina said...

Happy belated birthday to my litle Skybug!!! Will give you guys a call tonight so I can hear all about his party week-end! Is he going to globe trot and celebrate his birthday Paris Hilton Style? LoL. Will throw him a party over here if he does!!!

Love ya guys!

P.S. I'm so digging his bday shirt!