Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Skylar is almost 2

I still can't believe my little man is REALLY no longer a baby. Sure... he pitches his fits, by lying down on the floor flailing his arms and kicking his feet if I don't give him his juice fast enough or if I take something away from him that he somehow got his hands on (I.E. knife on counter=tall and curious toddler), but that's normal. Or so I say it is. :)

Skylar has started to eat more for us, or at least try more foods and will eat more than a bite at a time. Yes, he is still very skinny, but he's growing and that's all that matters to me. Plus he's happy 99% of the time. (revert to above paragraph for that 1%)

Here are his likes:

* Water (Pool, Sprinkler, bath time, bottled water, beach...)
* HOT DOGS (he screams this before bed time to try and pro-long the "night night" bed time)
* Cookies (gosh....I wished he didn't know where we kept this)
* Feeding Ralphie (he feels he's doing his part and feeding him his dog food, plus whatever he drops on the floor, Ralph helps him by eating it right up!
* Taylor Swift (we dance in the car with the shoulder lift, ha)
* Dancing to music at the house
* Throwing things away for mommy
* Swinging
* Dora the Explorer for show and Bridges of Tarabithia (crazy, I know) and Cars for movies
* Riding in his umbrella stroller
* Riding in the bike carrier with Daddy when we all ride bikes

Here are his Dis-likes:

* Daycare drop off. (he still hates this part of the day and it makes me so
sad to leave him, although 1 minute after I leave he's fine, ugh)
* Pottying on the potty all the time (we're working on this still big time)
* Talk Radio (ugh....bye bye Two guys named Chris)
* Eating in a restaurant
* Naps (once he's asleep, he's fine, but he doesn't try to take a nap on his
* Not being able to go outside (who cares if it's raining)
* Being told to go to time out, ha! (I mean, who does?)

In general, he's so happy, very friendly and has the most energy than any kid his age, well that I have witnessed so far. I mean....LOTS.... He has no fear too, which also scares us.

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Anonymous said...

Trust me, the dislikes in the Parris house are almost 100% the same as Skylar!!! We have to try not to crack up 1/2 the time.... the "2's" are a challenge, but, it's fun to see them get so much more independent and turn into little people, not babies anymore! Hope you guys are doing well!- Ali