Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Skylar!!!

Today is Skylar's actual birthday! Our little man is now a toddler, I can't believe how time has flown. He's really been so joyous to us. He's so funny, cute, lovable, happy, mad (when he doesn't get his way), smart and yeah...goodlooking. ;) Ok ok...enough of the boasting! :0

This weekend was like a whirlwind. I took off on Thursday and Friday, because I knew I needed the time to clean the house (I haven't really deep cleaned the house since we moved in) and then last minute errand running. We were all still running around right up until the party started, which was at 1pm. I didn't even get to change into my par-tay clothes, because it was so last minute, aha! I thought I had everything I needed for the party too, haha! I will make sure to have a better checklist for next years! On top of the chaos that was going on, we forgot to give Skylar a nap....YIKES!! Anyways, he was able to take a 45 minute nap as our family started to arrive. :) He was actually a happy camper from that short nap. I think he knew the party was for him! Such a party boy! He got so many wonderful presents. TONS of toys!! We are all excited about that! We love playing with his toys as much as he does, so this is a great change of toys for us!! I am sure I will be posting pics of him playing with them all here and there as well(I know you can't wait for that)!! I tried taking as many pictures as I could, but being a hostess is such a hard thing to do and to take pictures at the same time, so I got what I could. Do people hire wedding photographers for 1 year birthday parties? I should have thought of that if they do!! :)

*** One more thing, Skylar took his first true steps today!! I think he will walk consistantly any day now! He wouldn't walk for me, but he did for his dad, 3 to 4 steps at a time. I'm so excited!!

Loving his daddy!!
Katie and Emma (she had on her monkey mask)
Jacob and Crawford
My nephews Rex and Zeb with their monkey masks on. They were dressed alike too!!
Grandpa Terry and Pap-paw Olen, Aunt Keri and cousins Jaden and Xavier (They're getting so big!!)
My best group of friends... The Usual Suspects!!
Playing ladder ball!

The food was great!! We had hot dogs, hamburgers, pork bbq on skewers (Thanks Lydia), lumpia (eggrolls that mom made), baked mac and cheese (Also mom), baked beans, devilled eggs, brocoli salad, monkey trail mix, fried chicken (Thanks Mely), steamed rice and chips. We were not hurting for food...if you were wondering.

For the cake, we had the cutest monkey head cake and a little smash cake for Skylar. He actually didn't freak out with all the cameras in his face and the people swarming around him, haha! I was thinking any moment now he was going to freak out, but all and all, he had some delicious cake and he even gave me some..... on my face. Very funny Skylar!! :)

The smash cake!! Isn't is so cute?
This cake turned out so well!! Well the ear fell off right before we decide to eat it, ahah! Oh well... It was a hot day!
I made my cupcakes and they turned out great!
What is this?
Look fun!
I don't need my birthday hat, thanks!
I think I like it!
Ok I know I posted a lot of pics, but it's hard to narrow them down to just a few. :) Here's more from today!! His actual birthday!
Birthday wagon from Aunt GingGing!! He loves it!!
He learned how to drink from a straw. (First time!)
I'm not saying it all stayed in his mouth though. :)
Birthday cupcake!
Taste good mom!
We had a great weekend! It was so much fun to have friends and family over to see Skylar and wish him a wonderful birthday. I know he won't remember it, but we will and we can tell him later how much fun he had!


Anonymous said...

what an adorable party!! and an even more adorable birthday boy! i bet you are glad that is all over until next year!!! it looks like it turned out great and i love the cakes and cupcakes- very creative!!! good job - Ali Parris

Torie said...

What a great party! You did a great job caturing so many pictures. I agree with having a photographer for events like this. I happened to get lucky because my sister is a photographer.

Happy Day (Eli's says) to Skylar!

Crystal Johnson said...
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Crystal Johnson said...

looks like the party of the year! I love the cakes and your cupcakes were too cute! I can tell you worked really hard to make this day perfect for Skyler! He'll enjoy looking back at all the pictures and hearing all about it!!!

As for a photographer, you should just invite Ali. I can always count on her to take pictures of the things I Don't want to miss.

Erin said...

WOW!! I LOVE LOVE LOVED his cakes too cute!! the cupcakes were adorable too!!! looks like he had an awesome 1st birthday party!!

Anna Morrison said...

so cute. man, you do it up right, girl. i love that you captured so many moments on your camera. great job mommy!

the monkey cake was adorable. my word!

i will say happy "birth" day to you as well. the memories of our kid's births will never fade. i love thinking about them.

enjoy your little one year old :)