Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Simple is as Simple does..

I have been encouraged by Anna's page and now Torie's page on the values of simpleness out of life and how it reflects on me. I also encourage my blogging friends to share your world about the simpleness that surrounds you.

If I was at home…

Outside my window . . . I can see our Gazebo/trellis and the tree line beyond that. I take pride in the fact that my husband and I work hard to make our house “our home” that we love to come back to and relax in, while we work long hard days at work. In the process of all the work I am admiring, I see weeds that need to be pulled. I think I have OCD or something.

I'm thinking . . . how Skylar makes me so happy. He fills my life full of joy and in the process, brought my husband and I closer, not that we were ever far apart to begin with. We’re pretty much connected at the hip.

I am thankful for . . . the love I receive from Terry and Skylar (whoops and Ralphie), my friends who don’t judge me for being me and my family who will always be there for me, even if I happen to make them mad.

From the kitchen . . . I see the messiness of the floor that we all let pile up with dirt and dust, until guests are to arrive, then we speed clean it and make it out like our house is always this clean. They will never know…well…never mind, they do now.

I am wearing . . . my comfortable black dress pants with my pink polo and my black stiletto heels that have pink piping on them. (Sometimes, I do actually match)

I am creating . . .a happy home life by trying to have things organized at our house and so I won’t be so neurotic if it’s not organized. My husband can vouch for that. Wait a minute; I think the floors are piling up with dust and dirt again.

I am dreaming of . . . being debt free and enjoying life to the fullest without having to worry about bills, but being American, you tend to be in debt more. Isn’t it the American way?

I am going . . . to plan our vacation to the beach for next month or the month after. We don’t take many vacations and we need to relax and enjoys ourselves while we can. There’s no point in working so hard and not getting anything in return.

I am reading . . . Magazines galore. I actually don’t have time to read books like I used to. I have several books that I haven’t finished reading. Maybe I will finish what I started.

I am hoping . . . a stress free night, week and rest of the month. I tend to over analyze conversations and recent actions that I think about it a little too much and then I start to stress. I just need to learn to let things go.

I am hearing . . . the banging of the coffee table as Skylar loves pulling up and walking around the coffee table and banging along the way. When it’s quiet, is when I start to worry.

Around the house . . . I see projects small and large that we need to start on or finish. That’s our story at the Presnell household. We thrive on challenges and then ever so often, we get antsy and rather do other things in the process, but we do come back and finish them.

One of my favorite things . . . is to hang out in the bonus room (AKA Skylar’s play room) and hide in the tent and scare each other. We have a little tent we bought at garden ridge that was 50% off and it was already discounted (score). It’s a tent on one side and an Indian TP (sp) on the other side; with a tunnel in between them that connects them. Very cool investment. By the way, Skylar already ripped two areas in this nifty investment, aaaah!

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . getting the last minute supplies for Saturday. I’m not much of a hostess, so I am very nervous about having people over at our house and making sure our little guy has the best birthday that he will never remember!!

A picture or two or four I am sharing . . .

The Love of my life, my hubby!

The best group of friends. AKA The Usual Suspects

My crazy best friend

My love that brightens my days!


Anonymous said...

that post was sweet! it made me cry! and i love the new nursery pics :) you guys must have stock at home depot and lowes!

Torie said...

You are a funny girl!

Anna Morrison said...

You crack me up! I wish I were as funny as you.

I enjoyed that so much. Thanks!!

Happy Birthday early to mister Sklar. :)

Crystal Johnson said...

I so love this post and I can totally relate on so many levels!

Crystal Johnson said...

I can't wait to hear how the b-day party goes and to see pictures

Don't cry like I did :)