Monday, July 21, 2008

A free weekend to relax....wait, no, only in our dreams!

Skylar stayed with his grandparents this weekend and from the stories I was told, he had a ball! While he was in Marion, we did things around the house. (No....seriously, we did!!...because we never do things around the house, right??...HA) If you are a first time reader of this crazy blog, then you will soon find out that we never sit around and relax at our house.

We finally painted Skylar's room. I wasn't sure what color to paint it, as I don't have the patience that I had when we painted his nursery at our old house. I painted green stripes the first go round and that was so tough! If anyone has ever painted stripes, you know exactly what I'm talking about. :) I was cussing like a sailor, because applying the tape to the walls for the stripe part is the tough part, everything else is a piece of cake. We never use tape when we paint either. It makes such a mess. So, when we were thinking of colors and painting methods for his nursery, having to apply tape to the walls did not sound appealing to me. We actually decided on a blue color and the color we picked out turned out better than I thought. You can see the difference in the two rooms. I like both rooms and I think Skylar will be happy with this room as much as he was with his last room. His last room represented his birth and newness to the world and his new room represents being a new toddler boy. Which he will be considered on Sunday, when he turns 1!! So, excited about that! Here's the differences. I love them both, but I think he needs a grown up color. :) Right? I still might add one yellow stripe and a green small lining. I haven't decided. That would make it look great if I do....again, weighing the options on that. Go insane for my little man or live a relaxing weekend. I'll let you know which one wins out if I do an updated post on the nursery.

I painted the letters myself and added little bees to it and the yellow and green against the blue turned out well.

These toys will soon be replaced by more from his birthday party. We will be swimming in toys I bet.

We cleaned out the garage this wekeend too, beause the way the weather has been here lately. I have a feeling it's going to be scortching HOT this weekend, so the party will most likely be indoors. So, we will need places for people to eat. Oh, we still have so much stuff in the garage that I don't know what we're going to do with. Yardsale? I think so. Until next time...

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