Sunday, July 13, 2008

The directions said 2 people and 4 hours each...

For our patio trellis to be done...more like two people 4 hours each day for 2 weeks, haha! No really, we kept on skimming through the instructions and realized we were wrong every time we started to put it together. Either we were to insert this before you did that, then this is upside down and this doesn't go with that....AAAAH!!! We also bent some pieces in the process, because of not reading steps in order. So, we had to wait a week for the new parts that we blamed the company for being bent (not by ourseves) to be sent to us. haha.... We do have one bent piece still (our fault again...) When we originally called them (very sternly, might I add) that we had bent pieces, we still asked for the wrong pieces to be sent to us. What else now, right? So we have to call again to have one more piece sent to us. (I think we will say that they sent us the wrong piece and it's their fault, not ours...gosh!) We're so bad! We just don't read directions correctly, ugh! We got some landscaping done too this weekend. We worked so hard on Saturday, that we missed our friend Layla's barbeque... and I forgot to call in time and say we weren't going to make it. I'm sorry Layla! By the time we realized what time it was, we were drenched in sweat, smelling really bad, I was very frustrated over the mulch that STAINED my fingernails (eeeew), again smelling bad and everything else you can think of. I wished we could have made it, as that would have been a nice break!'s a pic of our progress of one of our many projects this summer, month, week, day....year. Gotta love the summer time!

We still need furniture and we found several places that have already went down in price from a couple of weeks ago, so we are going to hold out for a couple more weeks and see if they will go down even more! Come my way bargains! My goal is to have seating for Skylar's guest at his birthday party. It's not too unreasonable right? :) We are scoping out Home Depot, Garden Ridge and Walmart right now. :) Let me know if you see any places with reasonable prices for patio furniture. (We already checked out Lowes...too pricey)

Speaking of Skylar,

he's loving every thing we feed him. I started to give him milk, not a lot, just incase he has allergies, but the quicker we can stop using formula (by the way, this will be our last can), the better it will be! He's been strictly on table food for about 2 months now, well besides formula. He hates baby food, so I can't give it to him. I might have some food to give away if anyone still needs it. You need to pick it up though, :) know how gas prices are. :)

We decided to have his hair cut this week too. I'm actually feeling really sad about this. Having his baby hair cut is a big deal, I mean this is the hair that he was born with. Of course most of that fell out, but there were a few dark pieces that he still has that made it and they are the longest pieces. :( My big boy is growing up too fast!


Erin said...

I know all too well about those easy to build Gazebos!! its more like 5 people and 10 hours later its up!! but your patio looks awesome! and Skylar is a cutie! Im sure he will look adorable with a hair cut! be sure to post pictures!

Torie said...

Love, love, love the patio. Check out Kmart. They discount their furniture often, and Target.

I felt bad cutting Eli's hair for the first time too. You will be amazed as how much older he will look once you cut his hair. Sad they grow up so fast:(

Anonymous said...

can you please come to our house and work on all of our projects that start off really well and then stay where they are, unfinished!! you guys are good, maybe we can take a cue from you and work on some things around here!!! make sure you keep some of his hair for the baby book!!- Ali Parris