Monday, July 28, 2008

Tall and Skinny

That's what the doctor said... about Skylar that is. I WISHED she said that about me! That's a whole other post....

Sky's doctor said he's growing just perfect. He's over 100% for height at 33 inches tall, he's 90th% for head (BIG HEAD) and he's not gaining as fast as we would like. He's a little over 25% for weight at 21 1/2 lbs and he's never been in that range percent before, but the doctor said it's completely normal and their weight slows down as they get more mobile. Since he's not walking by himself just yet, (He walks assisted with his toys), he's burning more calories crawling. Which he loves to do! She gave me a few tips on fattening him up, so that's what we'll do. He eats all the time, so I'm not sure if this will even help, ha! He's on milk about 75% now. So, that's great. We are on our last can of formula...we broke down and bought another can last weekend, but this will be the last can as he is starting to like milk. He HATED it at first, but now he's liking it! I can't wait for him to be on milk 100%. Formula is expensive!

Here's a video of Skylar clapping while riding in his birthday buggy from his Grandma Jewell and Pa-paw Olen. He loves it!



Nikki Hudson said...

Hey Pamela! Happy 1st Birthday to Skylar! Looks like you guys had a fun weekend! I love you blog! Skylar is so handsome! Hopefully we can get together soon and let the kids play together! Please tell Terry that TJ and I said hello! Hope you have a great day! ~Nikki

Torie said...

That is how Eli is. I always feel bad that he in the low percentile for weight. I do feed my child! He must have his Daddy's metabolism??

Crystal Johnson said...

Ah, I would so rather be tall and skinny than short and fat, J/K.

Owen was always in the 75-95% for head size and 75-90% for weight until he turned 1. Now he's in the 50th for weight, but still has a big head at 75th%. Like Skyler, he slowed down and even lost weight from 10 to 12 months. When I started giving him cows milk and started feeding him "real" food, he started packing on some weight.