Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who got a big boy haircut?

Skylar Did!!

I have been so nervous about getting his hair cut. I didn't know if he would freak out, laugh or cry. Well...

He did great! He sat on Terry's lap first and was getting his hair cut with his spiderman cape on, haha! I tried taking good pictures of him, but he wasn't into looking at me. Some crazy woman with some type of sharp utensil that was hacking at his hair, had his full attention. He kept staring at her, wondering what she was doing. :) Then he started to get a little wiggly and Terry and I switched places and Skylar sat on my lap. We came fully prepared though. We had cookies, puffs, his teddy bear (the one the E.N.T. doctors gave him after his ear surgery) and a moracco (sp) rattle thingy. Now I took tons of pics. So sit back and make yourself comfortable. :)

He's not sure what to think

Getting Started

Look at his long hair

Daddy reassuring him that everything is going to be ok

Here we go!!

I need my bear mom!!

I'm done!!

Mom looks deranged here, but she's so proud of her super big boy!!

Time to go!!


Jen said...

So sweet Pam! You will be so glad you took all those pictures. Skylar is so handsome (goes with the haircut).

evansmom said...

I love his haircut! He is very cute!!

Torie said...

That is so neat that they gave him a certificate. What a great idea. He is still a cutie!!

Crystal Johnson said...

Way too cute! He looks like such a big boy now!

Anonymous said...

adorable! i would have been a nervous wreck too! we are about to be in the same situation, barretts can only do so much! he looks great just in time for his b-day!- Ali Parris

Swiders said...

He is so sweet! I love the hair.

Layla & Reggie said...

awwww, the big boy haircut. Isn't it sad? he's getting so big! I love it though, veery handsome :)