Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stay Safe and Happy New Year!!

I know...I'm blogging and it's 10:49pm on New Years, hahah...loser alert....dunt dunt dunt... We couldn't stay out and party this year anyways, because we need to be on the road at 8am tomorrow. We're going skiing at Ober Ski Resort in Gatlinburg and I'm going to try snowboarding while there as well too. My friends, Layla and Angela are letting me borrow their gear, woo hoo! I love my friends!! So, we knew if we got a babysitter (another issue) that we couldn't stay out late and then get up early and be ready to leave bright eyed and bushy tailed. :)

We did go out early tonight and visited Jamie and Kevin in W-S and the rest of our fun gang were there too. It was more kid friendly this New Years. Layla and Reggie's children, Ty and Camy were there and they are so big now and so gorgeous!! Skylar was running around like crazy as well and either Terry or I were on the run after him. He reaches for everything and that could be Jamie's beautiful wedding China, wine glasses filled with wine or Izzie (Jamie and Kev's dog), haha...So we were on our toes, so to speak. We had a good time and I did get a couple of pics before we left.
Next year for New Years, we will have another set of feet running around as Jamie is due to give birth in 2 months to a He or a She. :)

Ty hiding his Face. He's going to be the BIG 3 in February!!

Kevin holding Skylar and holding his beverage. Way to multi-task Kev. :)
Mother to be Jamie already has the touch. Look how Skylar snuggled with her. Awwww

The Girls!! Layla, Katie, Jamie and I.

So many things happened for us girls above in 08.

  • Layla gave birth to her beautiful daughter Camryn in February
  • Katie got married to Rob in June
  • Jamie earned her MBA from Wake Forest and got her wish to be pregnant around the same time of graduating
  • Terry and I bought the house we fell in love with in Greensboro and are flourishing as a family of 4 (counting Ralphie) and loving life as we should.

Terry and I count our blessings every day. We're healthy, we have a roof over our head, we don't go to bed hungry and we enjoy our very healthy and crazy man son, Skylar. It's hard to complain about the little things when you see others that are not fortunate at all. So, my New Years Resolutions and goals are to appreciate what I have and not take anything for granted and also forgive people and let the little things go.

Enjoy life, because it's what "you" make of it, not what it is. Love and Peace in the New Year!!


Swiders said...

What a great post! I love your's so true, we have so much to be thankful for, including great friends like you and Terry. I need to be better at remembering that too, and not sweating the small stuff. Hope you have a BLAST skiing!! Looking forward to stories and pics!

Anna Morrison said...

I, too, can't wait to read up on the stories from your skiing trip. i like your stories.

Happy New Year, Pamela!