Saturday, December 20, 2008

All my sistas and me....

I had a fun filled, much needed girls day with my sista and her BFFs! I met up with Gina and her BFF Debbie and her sister Shannon, who is my age, well a little younger than I and who I've known for years too. I haven't seen Shannon though, for about 12 years as in 1996, as in my senior year in HS, as in...I'm so old people! Gina introduced me to Nawab indian cuisine and lets just say.....that's my new fav food!! If you haven't tried out this type of cuisine or been to this restaurant, I suggest that you try it out. It's wonderful!! Here are a few pics and we even got lucky and ran into Santa! I told him I was good all year, so we'll see on Christmas day if I was good enough. ;)

Eating in Nawab

Telling Santa I was good and whispering that Gina had I will get her presents too...:)

Then off to Tranquility Day Spa.....mmmmmm.
This, I would have to say was very much needed. I still had a little left over on my AWESOME gift certificate present from my Wonderful Hubby forom Valentines and was able to use the rest for a 60 minute swedish massage. My Sister Gina got the European Facial, Debbie also got a facial and Shannon got the Russian pedicure. We were in Heavan. Since I didn't get any pictures there, here's the link to Gina's post on it. I did steal one or two pics. :)
A fun day, yes indeed!


Jen said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I miss Shannon! I didn't realize she was in from New York.

Crystal Johnson said...

How fun!!!! There is nothing like treating yourself to a spa treatment. I went Sunday and boy was it GREAT!!!!

I love Christmas pics! You have such a beautiful family!!!!

Skylar getting into the drawers reminds me of when Owen was younger (he doesn't mess in the cabinets and drawers much anymore...just the pantry). I picked one drawer and put a few kitchen items and a few of his toys in in and he would sit and play in that drawer for a good 30 mins at a time. I would change the contents every couple days to keep him interested. Oh, I mis those sweet days.

Swiders said...

I haven't been to Nawab in ages...sounds good right now!! And, lucky you w/ the spa!!