Sunday, December 28, 2008

Relaxing and new stuff with Skylar

Today we had a great day to do NOTHING!! ahhhhhh....the joys of relaxation. Skylar is feeling 100% and he wanted to play all day long and we were more than happy to play with him. He loves his little power wheel quad. Of course, I can never get him smiling. My camera is just not fast enough, ha! Below he's wearing his new sweatsuit. I know it's just a sweatsuit to most people, but I think he looks so cute in it. I know...I'm a mom, a proud one might I add.

Running around

He's really enjoying this thing, you just wouldn't know it. :)

Yes, I got a smile! Well smirk...

New things with Skylar, since he's 17 months old as of yesterday...

*He's jumping everywhere. It's too cute! Now I need to buy a jump rope, haha...

*He wipes his mouth and hands when you tell him to clean himself after eating.

*He plays contently by himself

*He understands me when I say it's time for night night, let's go upstairs and bath time. (He goes to his room when I say night night, he runs to the stairs and starts to climb them without my help, but I'm behind him the whole time when I say let's go upstairs and he goes to the bathroom naked when it's bath time)

*He tries to put on his shoes now, since for the last year he would just kick them off. :) Yaaaay, we're heading in the right direction now!!

*He knows his head, nose and feet when you say them.

*He dances all the time when he hears music and he does the chicken dance with us...not Perfect, but cute. (I'm going to get this on video and post this week)

*His new words are bump and baby. He mimicks us a lot now. He learned a bad word a month ago,....bad mommy. I won't post that word.

***One of his tubes is not functioning anymore, so I hope he doesn't get sick again. I don't want to have to get another tube inserted anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Love the new pics, looks like Christmas was a success, even with a sick little man! The camera my dad got me is a Cannon- 10 megapixles. It takes the picture before you can even think about! It's great and sooo clear! Have a great New Years!- Ali Parris

Crystal Johnson said...

I love the sweat suit! It looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Sorry to hear Skylar was sick, though!.